Hardline Remainers launch all-out assault on No Deal Brexit

The most pro-Remain, pro-EU Ministers in government are now doing absolutely everything they can to stop a No Deal Brexit. Proper independence and full autonomy for the UK isn’t popular among those who want to keep the country sucked into the EU’s orbit indefinitely.

This morning we had Business Secretary Greg Clark describe No Deal as “crazy”. This Project Fear Remain mentality is why Brussels have run roughshod in the negotiations. They knew Theresa May wouldn’t walk, and so the government are left attempting to flog a bad deal that has little support from anyone.

Chancellor Philip Hammond today stood up in Parliament rolling off all of the same scare stories the country heard from George Osborne about voting leave in 2016, including a fantasy recession.

It got so ridiculous that DUP MP Ian Paisley stood up to remind the Chancellor that: “The Bank of England, Treasury, and IMF all incorrectly forecast economic woe…but there have been fantastic results since we voted to Leave.” The establishment have learnt nothing and still want to scare people into backing their plan to remain effectively governed by Brussels.

And there are now reports from Beth Rigby of Sky News that four Ministers including Hammond and Clark, would resign if the government advocated No Deal.

A No Deal Brexit would allow the UK to act independently, without restriction. In the words of Agriculture Minister George Eustice: “On Trade, in a No Deal Brexit the UK would be free to set its own trade policy unilaterally.” Sounds exactly like what the British public voted for in their millions.

Allowing a British government to govern and act fully independent of the EU to mitigate any short-term disruption, a No Deal also has significant public support. Deltapoll found voters back No Deal 52-48 (same as the referendum result) and Survation’s poll found that the public prefer No Deal to May’s deal 41-35. It is also the most popular outcome among Conservative Party members..

Whilst many who campaigned against Brexit might not like it, the country must be prepared to walk away and seize the opportunities available for an independent UK. If May and her Ministers won’t see this through after their deal is rejected by MPs, it once again underlines why the likes of Boris Johnson, David Davis and Dominic Raab must take back control.

As you can see, Brexit is under attack from the pro-EU establishment. But Westmonster will keep standing up for Brexiteers who voted for full independence. Will you support us?