Hammond wants to pay Brexit bill even if there’s No EU Deal

Remoaning Chancellor Philip Hammond has caused uproar after telling a committee MPs that he believes the government should pay a Brussels Brexit bill – even if there’s No Deal done!

Hammond said: “I find it inconceivable that we as a nation would be walking away from an obligation that we recognised as an obligation.

“That is not a credible scenario. That is not the kind of country we are. Frankly, it would not make us a credible partner for future international agreements.”

This comes despite the fact that legally the UK doesn’t owe a penny to the EU, with the vast majority of the British public against giving away tens of billions even for a trade deal.

As 130,000 kids in the UK prepare to spend Christmas homeless, it is frankly sickening that Theresa May’s Chancellor should be prepared to cough up extraordinary sums of money to the European Union. Yet another reason why he should be sacked.