Hammond: Voting against May deal could mean 'No Brexit'

Chancellor Philip Hammond has told ITV’s Peston that if MPs vote down Theresa May’s EU deal – as is likely – it could mean “No Brexit”. Another pro-EU Tory Chancellor trying to scare politicians and the public into backing a bad deal.

Hammond said that he was merely echoing the PM as he insisted: “If this deal is rejected, we’re in unknown territory. We don’t know what the outcome would be.

“It could be No Deal. But it could be No Brexit, we just don’t know.”

In actual fact we do know what would happen: Theresa May reiterated at this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions that the UK will leave the EU on 29th March 2019.

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If MPs vote down May’s bad deal, the UK leaves with No Deal. This new Project Fear from the government is designed to scare people witless. 2016 all over again.