Hammond and Rudd 'push for even longer transitional Brexit'

The plot to delay full Brexit by more than the 2 year transition period is already underway thanks to Remoaner Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd, it’s been claimed.

The Telegraph reckons both of them already want to push for an extra year in the so-called transition.

A source close to Hammond said: “The bottom line is that this is not going to be easy, something that’s over-looked by simple-minded Brexiteers like Boris. When it comes down to practicalities it may well take longer.

“Philip isn’t being ideological about it, he’s pragmatic. What he wants is for it to work in the interests of the economy and the country, that is what is driving him. Boris is talking tough for the sake of it.”

These Remoaners think Boris is overlooking the practicalities, but he’s actually just focusing on the result of a democratic referendum. Those in cabinet that are trying to frustrate the will of the people should go, it’s as simple as that.