Half of Tory members want May to resign now, survey finds

The backlash against Theresa May’s EU deal is so great that half of Conservative Party members want her to resign now.

That’s according to a ConservativeHome survey of 1,450 Tory members, with 724 (49.9%) saying they want her gone now.

A further 439 (30%) want her gone by the time of the next scheduled General Election in 2022.

Only a pathetically low 18% of those Tory supporters asked don’t want her to resign. Truly dire.

The capitulation plan on the table has been taken apart by Brexiteer MPs who can see that amounts to a £39 billion EU trap rather than a deal.

It is quite incredible that the required 48 no confidence letters against May still haven’t gone in. Once her deal is voted down, will MPs finally making their move for a new Prime Minister to take the country forward?

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