Group of Tory MPs pushing to block No Deal, delay Brexit

A group of Conservative MPs are warning the government that they are prepared to help stop a No Deal Brexit and delay the UK’s EU exit, in a move that would hugely weaken Britain’s hand in negotiations.

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The so-called ‘Brexit Delivery Group’ include Simon Hart and Andrew Percy who have sent a letter to the Tory Chief Whip Julian Smith. The Telegraph have the letter which reads:

“The reputation for competence of both the party and the government depends on our ability to deliver an orderly exit, in line with the existing timescale.

“Whilst we fully expect some changes to the backstop arrangements to be made by Ministers in Brussels this week, there remains a chance that these will not satisfy some colleagues.

“Numerous members of our group have alerted us to their intention (should rejection of the deal look likely) to get behind amendments that are planned in the name of Oliver Letwin and others and which will have the twin effect of taking No Deal off the table and delaying Brexit.”

They go on to say: “We wanted to alert you to the unease within our group and the way in which threats to next week’s vote is pushing some members towards options which they have previously opposed but feel they have no option now but to consider.

“To help manage this, we would recommend that the government considers a free  vote on these other options so that the will of the House can be properly tested.”

There are reports that this anti-No Deal bloc could include up to 100 Tory MPs, including around 20 currently in government. Andrew Percy told the BBC that the numbers of anti-No Deal rebels may actually be just 30.

ITV’s Robert Peston also reported that nine Ministers had threatened to quit if the government pursues a No Deal Brexit.

Those MPs seeking to stop an EU exit on WTO terms are massively out of touch. Two-thirds of Tory members support a WTO Brexit and the UK cannot just accept whatever Brussels decides to offer.

Stopping No Deal and extending Article 50 would destroy the British government’s hand in negotiations and break faith with the public who have been promised that the UK will leave on time, having already waited years since the 2016 referendum vote. Time for Brexiteer MPs to stand up to those seeking to prevent a clean break with the European Union.

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