Grieve in 2017: Referendum result must be respected

It is quite clear that if Brexit is delayed or even stopped, trust in politics will plummet to a dangerous new all-time low. What makes those seeking to block Brexit even more shameless is how many of them promised to respect the vote.

Take Dominic Grieve, a hardline Tory Remainer MP who has been doing all he can to try and stop Brexit. Most recently he laid an amendment that controversially was allowed through and directs the Prime Minister to return with a ‘Plan B’ within days of losing a vote on her deal. He has been a chief player in Parliament among a group determined to frustrate the referendum result and indeed overturn it.

Today in the London Evening Standard, he writes that: “For those of us who believe that in leaving the EU we are making the biggest mistake of our recent history, the utter variance of the current outcome with the false expectations raised in 2016 compels rejection.”

He also trashes any prospect of a No Deal Brexit as favoured by two-thirds of Conservative members, and now says: “This is why I continue to believe that a further public consultation through a referendum offers the best way forward.”

Yet it was only in 2017, when the General Election was on the horizon, that he wrote: “What is clear to me, however, is that the decision of the electorate in the Referendum must be respected and that I should support a reasoned process to give effect to it.”

He went further: “We have also been fortunate to have a Prime Minister with the determination both to see the complex challenges of Brexit through and to do this with a constant eye to maximising opportunities and minimising the risks involved to our economic well being, security and quality of life.

“As someone who has always advocated a close relationship between the UK and the European Union, I accept the result of the 2016 Referendum. I therefore strongly support the Prime Minister’s determination to secure a negotiated arrangement for leaving the EU and for forging a new trading relationship for the future, providing certainty for trade and business whilst giving us control of migration and releasing us from the direct effect of EU Law.”

As commentator Dan Hodges has noted: “Hard to square this statement from Dominic Grieve to his constituents with his actions over the past few weeks.” That’s an understatement!

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The way in which some hardline Remainers who promised to respect the referendum result now push for a second referendum is a total and utter disgrace. No wonder so many are now so disenchanted with politics.