Green Party MP accused of sexism after proposing all-female Cabinet

Caroline Lucas has faced strong criticism for proposing an all-female national unity government to stop a No Deal Brexit.

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The MP and former Green Party Leader, who wishes to prevent Britain’s EU withdrawal, suggested her plan could be enacted if Boris Johnson were to face and lose a no confidence vote in Parliament.

Lucas made the insane proposal in a letter sent to ten senior female MPs and published in the Guardian.

She has argued that: “We need an emergency cabinet – not to fight a Brexit war but to work for reconciliation. And I believe this should be a Cabinet of women.

“I believe women have shown they can bring a different perspective to crises, are able to reach out to those they disagree with and cooperate to find solutions,

“So I have reached out to 10 women colleagues from across the political spectrum at Westminster and Holyrood… asking that we join together to stop the dangerous pursuit of a crash-out Brexit.”

Her proposal has been slammed by figures across the political spectrum.

Even arch remainer Anna Soubry had reservations about insane idea, telling The Guardian: “The very serious point is that people of different political views, who might profoundly disagree over some things, need to put their differences aside and work together to stop a No Deal Brexit.”

Lucas also caused controversy last month when she said “If there were to be a referendum and Leave were to win it again, either more decisively or not, in the Commons would you then back a Brexit deal to leave?…Um, no I probably wouldn’t.”