Grassroot Conservatives demand UK leaves EU on 29th March 2019

A national conference of Conservative activists has delivered a resounding message to MPs: get us out of the European Union on 29th March this year, as promised.

The National Conservative Convention voted on a motion that read: “The National Convention supports the commitments the Prime Minister has made to the country to honour the European Union referendum result of 2016, that having triggered Article 50 we will leave the European Union on the 29 March 2019.

“Another referendum, a delay beyond the European Elections, taking ‘No Deal’ off the table or not leaving at all would betray the 2016 People’s Vote and damage democracy and our party for a generation.”

The Tories in attendance voted 72-15 in favour of the motion, a clear message to those hardline Remainers still seeking to frustrate the process.

The motion was submitted by the Chair of the Bethnal and Green Conservative Association, Dinah Glover, who told PoliticsHome: “It is important that no-deal has to remain on the table because that actually strengthens our negotiating position.”

She went further and said: “If MPs are working against a very significant part of the Conservative manifesto then they should build into their calculations that deselection procedures may be brought against them.

“But it is up to their individual associations whether that is a route they would like to go down.”

Theresa May told those in attendance that: “We must not, and I will not, frustrate what was the largest democratic exercise in this country’s history. In the very final stages of this process, the worst thing we could do is lose our focus.”

The clock is ticking and Theresa May has promised that the UK will leave on time. Time for politicians to deliver on what 17.4 million Brits voted for: independence from the European Union.

The UK must leave the EU, deal or No Deal, on 29th March 2019. Support Westmonster and help us keep the pressure up.