Government preparedness for No Deal with EU 'virtually non-existent'

Worrying murmurs are appearing, with warnings that the British government are not sufficiently preparing for a ‘No Deal’ with the European Union should negotiations break down.

“Our preparedness for No Deal is virtually non-existent,” one British official has been quoted as saying by EU cheerleaders the Financial Times. “Our ability to deliver a ‘No Deal’ outcome recedes with every week that passes.”

A government spokesman responded by saying that there had been “extensive resources” committed to prepare for a possible No Deal, with £3 billion allocated “specifically for our exit preparations”.

On the one hand this could well be Europhile briefing to the pro-EU FT designed to weaken the UK’s hand further.

However, Brexiteers have a right to be pessimistic. When is the last time Theresa May or anyone from the government actually pushed the prospect for No Deal or laid out in detail the resources committed to prepare the UK to walk away from the table?

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There was only ever one way to get a good deal: to show the EU that the UK could always leave without a deal. And given the hardline stance employed by those in Brussels, the British people may well want the government to eventually walk away from what’s on offer.