Government not publishing report on funding of Islamic extremism

Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has been accused of a cover-up, over her decision not to publish a report on the funding of Islamist extremism amid claims that states such as Saudi Arabia were pumping money into the spread of extreme Islamist ideology in the west.

The report is said to have found that organisations of “extremism concern” had received “significant” sums from abroad.

Rudd admitted that money from abroad had paid for Brits to study “deeply conservative forms of Islam” and funded preachers who had come to this country to spread a similar message.

However, the more worrying side of the report found that Islamist extremist organisations in the UK received most of their funding “from small, anonymous public donations” of which the majority were probably given by fellow British residents. This likely amounts to hundreds of thousands of pounds every year.

Burying this report is a disgrace clearly aimed at sweeping the issue under the carpet. Sadly however, the huge jihadi threat Britain faces isn’t going anywhere