Government Ministers 'met with anti-Brexit, Soros-funded group'

There is a report today that government Ministers have met with the anti-Brexit group ‘Best for Britain’ in the latest worrying development for those who want to see independence delivered.

Three Ministers have met with the group as have other MPs, according to The Telegraph.

George Soros has funded the Remoaner group to the tune of many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Yesterday junior Justice Minister Dr. Phillip Lee quit the government and called for a second referendum.

And there are now rumours that others could be set to follow him, as the establishment launch a last ditch bid to block Brexit.

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The situation is now critical. Any Minister found to have been colluding with a group that is actively working against the policy of the government must be routed out, exposed and kicked to the curb before they are allowed to try and inflict maximum damage on Brexit as we saw yesterday from Phillip Lee.