Government cuts police budget by £413m despite surge in violent crime

The police budget has been slashed by £413m despite violent crime soaring, not to mention the constant terror threat.

Independent research by the House of Commons shows that in the year 2015/16 forces received £7,620,644,880 but it was cut to £7,207,494,919 for 2017/18.

The government seems intent on making Britain less safe – how can it justify cutting police resources at a time when there has been a 26% increase in knife crime and a huge 27% increase in firearms offences?

Despite this, half of London’s police stations are also set to close.

Peter Kirkham, former Detective Chief Inspector at The Met, said: “Response times are longer as fewer officers cover wider areas and so opportunities to catch offenders are lost. Warnings of the consequences were dismissed as scaremongering.

“But we were not crying wolf. We were accurately predicting the ­consequences of the cuts and ­everything we said has come true.”

How on earth does this government expect to protect society and maintain a grip on law and order when its slashing the police budget? It’s irresponsible and it will have serious negative consequences.