Government 'could offer concessions on immigration' in EU negotiations

The government could be on the brink of offering the EU “concessions on immigration” in the next round of negotiations with Brussels.

According to a piece by James Forsyth in The Spectator: “Unfortunately, the European Union is about to take a wrecking ball to this carefully constructed compromise. The EU doesn’t much like its deal with Switzerland and is currently trying to pressure the Swiss into accepting changes. The idea of handing that kind of arrangement to the UK – and without free movement – won’t appeal.

“The UK has at least held some things back for the negotiations. I understand that one paper circulated to senior Cabinet Ministers in recent weeks suggested that if the EU doesn’t bite on May’s proposals, Britain could offer concessions on immigration in an attempt to make them more palatable.”

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Open border mass migration MUST end after Brexit. Theresa May seems prepared to use it as a negotiating tool. Help Westmonster fight for strong borders and controlled immigration.

The public voted for free movement to end after Brexit, any concession on that would be unacceptable.

One by one it seems the key pillars of Brexit are being knocked down. Ending mass migration post-Brexit is non-negotiable!