Government aide hints he could resign over EU backstop

Tory MP Mike Wood is the latest to hint of a potential government resignation, with the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Trade Secretary Liam Fox having deep concerns about the backstop in Theresa May’s deal.

He has told The Guardian: “What I have indicated to the Prime Minister is that while I support most of the deal, I have some big issues with the backstop. If some of those aren’t addressed then I don’t think I will be able to support it.

“Clearly the ministerial code says that if I can’t support, I would have to resign. I am very much hoping that there are enough changes and reassurances by Tuesday for me to vote with the government.”

Hinting that there are others like him in a similar position, he has also said: “I want some mechanism to be in place so that we either don’t go into the backstop provisions, or if we go into it we have a clear way of getting out again.

“This could be achieved in a number of different ways so I will obviously look at the proposals as they are on Tuesday before I decide whether to go.”

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Rather than Theresa May’s deal winning over MPs, opposition is still overwhelming. Her deal is even less popular than Chequers was in October and looks set to be voted down emphatically.