Gove 'worried EU could use NI border issue to hold Brexit Britain hostage'

Brexiteer Michael Gove is worried that the EU might use the Irish border issue to ‘hold the UK hostage’ and keep it trapped in the Customs Union or Single Market.

A source told The Telegraph that Gove is concerned that if Britain accepts the backstop option “we won’t have all the negotiating cards that we would want to have in that transition period”.

He expressed concerns that Britain won’t be able to negotiate a customs arrangement before the transition period ends and so it may will have to resort to a hard border on the island of Ireland.

This means Northern Ireland would have to retain full alignment with the EU and retain the rules of the Customs Union or Single Market to avoid the hard border scenario.

That could then see Remoaners and those in Brussels push to keep the UK in the Customs Union/Single Market, which would amount to effectively remaining inside the EU in all but name.

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This says a lot about the lengths the EU will go to to scupper Brexit, May needs to hurry up and present the EU with a final offer. The UK voted to leave together and must now leave together.