Gove: May will be PM 'for a while yet'

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has insisted that Theresa May will be around for a while yet. Wonder what Conservative Party members make of that as the party collapses in the polls?

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Yesterday, Gove told Sky News that: “I think Theresa will be Prime Minister for a while to come yet.” Really?

He went further and said: “I think it’s important for us all to acknowledge that she’s very graciously said that she will stand down when the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified.

“It’s all our priority in politics to make sure that referendum mandate is honoured and then to give Theresa the time, space and dignity to leave in a way that she believes is right.”

It comes as the Tories fall to fifth in a poll for the European Elections. The Brexit Party have also overtaken the Conservatives in popularity for the next General Election, according to one Westminster poll.

Grassroot Conservatives have sensationally triggered an Extraordinary General Meeting and Tory activists across the country are publicly declaring that they will vote no confidence in May as Leader.

Hardly surprising then that the likes of Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab are therefore warning May not to ram through a deal with the support of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.