Gove: 31st October Brexit deadline is 'arbitrary'

Tory contender Michael Gove seems to have confirmed that he would be open to delaying Brexit beyond 31st October.

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At a Spectator event, Gove described the new deadline as “arbitrary” and said that he would be open to staying in the EU for longer in order to work on a deal for even longer.

He said that: “The critical thing to do is to recognise if we’re not 100% out by midnight on 31st October – then we risk making that arbitrary deadline the determinant of what a good deal is.”

Gove also added: “If we’re so close to the wire with what I believe is a better deal, it would be right to take those extra few days or weeks in order to land it and to make sure that we’re out.”

A supporter of Gove for the leadership, George Eustice, has also talked up the prospect of a delay if required.

Theresa May failed to deliver, broke several deadlines and subsequently saw her popularity plummet. Will the next PM repeat the mistake?