Gordon 'Bigoted Woman' Brown waits until now to call for tougher approach on migration

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has highlighted growing anti-establishment feeling in Britain, though with seemingly zero self-awareness.

Remember, this is the man who branded then-Labour voter Gillian Duffy a “bigoted woman” simply for expressing concerns over EU migration.

But now out of office, Brown is pontificating, saying: “The public want Westminster to address the core causes of their dissatisfaction – concerns about stagnant wages, left-behind communities, migration pressures, sovereignty and the state of the NHS – each of which cannot be dealt with just by fixing the technical details of what kind of Brexit.

“Dealing with these five critical concerns is the starting point to building national unity and healing a fractured country and we can only move forward as a country by doing so.”

The Labour man also presented a plan that included a registration of migrants in the UK and a bigger fund to help communities impacted by mass migration.

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Yet another politician who talks about a plan to deal with mass migration but did virtually nothing about it when he had the power to.