Google Vice-President: UK will remain 'big, attractive market'

Yet another huge endorsement for Brexit Britain moving forward, with the Vice-President of Hire by Google describing the UK as “an attractive market” and insisting “we believe it will stay that way”.

Hire by Google is a new recruiting app that has been launched in the UK, allowing recruitment integrations for Google apps.

Dmitri Krakovsky, the Vice-President of Hire by Google, has told Yahoo Finance UK that when it comes to Brexit: “With all these kinds of problems, we take a long-term view.

“There’s peaks and troughs, economies change, but the fundamental need remains the same.

“The UK is a big market, it’s an attractive market, obviously, for everybody. There’s enough demand in the UK and we believe it will stay that way. The UK is no doubt a very, very attractive market for us.”

Britain is at the centre of a tech boom with London beating all European competition when it comes to attracting tech talent. As London and Partners explained recently: “London welcomed more European and non-EU tech professionals than any other major European city in 2018.”

Google themselves have set-up a new headquarters in King’s Cross that will house up to 4,500 staff whilst Apple are opening a new London HQ in Battersea.

Whilst Remoaners whinge, Britain is performing remarkably well and attracting investment from across the world.