Germany's Eurosceptic AFD overtakes SPD to become second most popular party

The Eurosceptic AFD party in Germany have overtaken the SPD in the polls!

They are now on 16% in the polls, the SPD have dipped down to 15.5%.

This has serious consequences for the whole of the EU – the main opposition party to Angela Merkel is now an anti-Euro, anti-mass migration party.

Westmonster has been tracking the decline of the SPD, which used to be led by former EU big wig Martin Schulz – Mr United States of Europe himself.

In the past few weeks the AfD has gone from 3% behind, then 2%, then 1% and, as of today, they’re Germany’s main opposition party, in the eyes of the public at least.

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This is mega. The whole European project could come crumbling down. This is a total rejection of the mass migration programme and further European integration. And not before time…