Germany's Cultural Council wants to ban TV talk shows discussing refugees or Islam

Germany’s Cultural Council has asked that talk shows be cancelled for a year because they focussed too much on migrants and Islamism, fuelling the AfD.

“More than 100 talk shows in the First and on ZDF have informed us since 2015 about the issues of refugees and Islam and helped to make the AfD Bundestag eligible,” said Olaf Zimmermann.

But that’s weird, because last time we checked, the purpose of the Cultural Council was to “stimulate cultural policy discussion at all political levels and to advocate freedom of the arts, publications and information”.

Anybody see the word ‘censorship’ in that description? No? Exactly. This is absolutely ridiculous.

The reason these TV shows exist is because there’s big public interest. They are the topics that people are most focussed on.

The German government should recognise that and address those issues instead of trying to stop people from talking about it.