Germany won’t deport convicted jihadi because it’s against his human rights

Germany is now refusing to deport convicted jihadists.

The government has stopped the deportation of a jihadi scumbag to Turkey for fear he may be tortured when he arrives there – he has been found guilty of supporting a banned terror group in a German court.

He travelled abroad to Syria to join a banned terror group. There is an outstanding court case against him in Turkey where he also faces terror charges.

But he submitted a letter from Amnesty International detailing one jihadis experience in a Turkish prison, which allegedly involved torture and horrendous living conditions.

So the deportation of this jihadi has been halted while they try to figure out whether or not he’ll face torture in Turkey. This just sums it all up. This is why jihadis are laughing at Western Europe.

If somebody wants to destroy the west, supports an Islamist caliphate and joins a terror group that engages in the slaughtering of homosexuals, the mass rape of underage girls, and, of course, the mass murder of innocent civilians, they should be removed from your country. End of.