Germany moves towards stripping citizenship from some ISIS supporters

The German government are looking to strip citizenship from Islamic State supporters, but only if they have dual nationality.

Germany, like many countries across Europe and the UK, is struggling to get to drips with traitors who abandoned their countries to go and support the sick ISIS death cult.

Hundreds of jihadists have been allowed to return to countries, including more than 400 to the UK, where only around 10% have been prosecuted. Pathetic.

40 Islamic State fighters detained in Syria are said to be hold German passports. Now German media are reporting that a new law could be brought in to strip ISIS supporters of their citizenship.

It would only apply to those aged over 18, who have dual citizenship and would only apply to those supporting ISIS in the future, rather than including all of thise jihadists who have already actively supported the terror organisation.

The Nationality Act may be expanded to apply to those who take part in “combat operations abroad for a terrorist militia”.

Though this is a step in the right direction, it surely is not anywhere near enough. Why would European governments be allow those who have supported Islamic State back into their countries? It represents a huge risk to security and one that should not be taken.

65% of Brits support breaking international law to make ISIS bride Shamima Begum stateless to ensure she can never return to the UK. It is time that politicians protected the public by ensuring that those who support ISIS can never return.