German youths told to steal World Cup flags because they 'exclude migrants'

The youth wing of Germany’s Left Party have sparked outrage after calling on their members to steal and remove the country’s flag during the World Cup because they say it promotes nationalism and excludes migrants.

On their website, the group claim that those who fly the flag from their windows or on their cars “hurt and depreciate” groups of people such as “migrants, people of color [sic] and other people who are not considered part of the national collective.”

The group decry seeing the flag everywhere, “whether on houses, cars or in the supermarket…the public space is increasingly becoming black red and gold” (the colour of Germany’s flag), they say.

They claim a rise in flags “is actually leading to an increase in the number of racist violence” and vow to “ensure that the World Cup does not become the home game of CSU & Co.”

“Collect German flags and fight for a limitless society,” they encourage their members.

German media report the group has distributed a detailed guide on the best ways to destroy flags, including how to tear them from cars and how to set them alight.

“The hunt for the flags offers a lot of opportunities for sporting activities and field games of a different kind, also can be collected and processed the versatile use and process,” their guide says.

One such re-use they suggest is cutting the gold stripe from six flags and sewing them together to make an Antifa bag.

Youths are encouraged to leave a note whenever they do steal a flag, letting the owner know they have done so because “no matter what your motivation [for flying the flag], in each case you produce nationalism.”

Youth organisation Wiesbaden JU criticised the Left Party group, saying: “We have no reason to be ashamed of our country and our achievements, such as the freedom we can live in…they must not take our flag.”

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In Britain, the Royal Mail sparked similar outrage last week after it announced that staff wouldn’t be allowed to fly the flag on their vans and bikes, nor would they even be allowed to display a sticker of the flag, citing ‘health and safety’ reasons.

One postman described the decision as “bonkers”, adding that “Many posties are football fans and want to show their support for England – but we’re not allowed to do so.”

Why are people so ashamed of national identity?!