German migration officials 'suspected of taking bribes to approve applications'

Germany’s chaotic migration system is now facing accusations of improper decisions having been made by officials.

Migration officials in Bremen are suspected of taking bribes to approve applications from migrants.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees were reportedly told about possibly wrong-doing earlier than they have admitted previously, with “massive irregularities” having been reported in February 2017, but they were supposedly reluctant to look into the matter.

Though that has been disputed, there have been allegations that the Bremen office alone was involved in granting asylum to 1,200 refugees between 2013 and 2016 in exchange for bribes.

Now several other branches of the Federal Office for Migration are being looked into as well, following the gigantic influx of migrants into the country encouraged by Angela Merkel.

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No wonder 80% of those in Germany have low trust in the country’s migration office. The EU’s open border approach is a complete mess.