German MEP: Merkel and Juncker responsible for EU's powergrab, opening floodgates to migrants

A high profile German MEP has blamed Merkel and Juncker for Brexit and branded the open door migration policy ‘a huge mistake’.

Hans-Olaf Henkel said Brussels’ policy of ‘more Europe’ and the outright denial of any reform wanted by David Cameron in the run up to the Brexit vote were key factors in people voting Leave.

He said: “Merkel and EU President Juncker were the main ones responsible for the permanent expansion of Brussels competences. In phase two, these two then denied Cameron the additional powers he was seeking over the immigration of EU citizens to the island. The third phase began on September 5, 2015, when German floodgates were opened to hundreds of thousands of refugees. That was the last coffin nail for British membership in the EU!”

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And he goes on to be very critical of Merkel’s migrant madness, saying that also contributed to Brexit.

He said: “Neither the one nor the other. It has made a huge mistake that will not only change Germany’s population. It has also saved the AFD, which faced the fate of the pirates following the bloodletting of its liberal professors and thousands of like-minded members in the polls. Worst of all: Merkel’s policy has driven the British out of the EU!”

Expect to see the Eurosceptic surge sweeping the continent to continue.