German MEP: EU seeking to punish Britain to stop others leaving

A Member of the European Parliament from Germany, Hans-Olaf Henkel, has hit out at the EU’s hardline negotiation stance on Brexit, telling LBC that “the whole strategy by Barnier is unfair to Britain” and that their approach is geared towards stopping other countries from leaving too.

Exposing how Michel Barnier and the EU’s negotiation stance is aimed at “punishing” the UK for daring to leave, he said: “I said from the outset I am against Brexit but I do support the vote of the British people. I think they should give a fair deal to Britain.

“The very fact that the whole game plan of what should be agreed upon first, has not been developed jointly by Britain and the EU, it has been forced down the throat of Britain by the EU.

“Both parties have to agree on the sequence of the agreement and negotiations, this has not been an agreement.

“I am convinced that these Europhiles, most of the people in Brussels, they are absolutely scared stiff that some other country might get the idea and try to Leave the European Union.

“They want to punish the British, I am surprised by the enormous arrogance. The British government should point out the illogical sequence of items to be discussed.

“You cannot have a border agreement between Northern Ireland and Ireland without knowing what king of trade or customs you will have. This is illogical.”

This is bang on. The EU’s disgraceful approach to negotiations, including a blatant ransom demand, has been disgraceful. Time for the British government to get tough and stop being messed around. No Deal is still a clear option on the table.