German Interior Minister Seehofer calls crisis meeting with police & anti-terror chiefs

German Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, has called a meeting with the heads of the country’s police and security services to discuss the consequences of Merkel’s disastrous refugee policy.

Bild reports the President of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the President of the Federal Police and the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) will all attend the crisis talks, as Seehofer seeks to shore up support against Merkel.

The newspaper claims: “Above all, it is about the consequences of the uncontrolled mass migration of refugees to Europe and Germany since January 2015 and about the impact of this immigration on the respective fields of work of the three security authorities.”

“These include the crime of foreigners and immigrants (BKA), the extremist and terrorist potential (BfV) and the unauthorized entry and residence of migrants in Germany (Federal Police).”

The Minister and the three agencies will hold a joint press conference after the meeting, revealing a bit more information about what was discussed inside – which could be hugely damaging to Angela Merkel if the agencies come out in support of Seehofer.

The pair have been at war for the last few weeks after ‘Mamma Merkel’ blocked Seehofer’s 63-point-plan to turn around Germany’s shambolic migration policy.

Last week, he told the Passauer Neuer Presse newspaper if Merkel didn’t like what he was doing, she should dissolve the coalition government. 

“I hear from many people day to day: ‘Stay firm. Don’t give in!’ It’s about credibility,” he said.

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“I am the leader of the CSU, one of the three coalition parties, and act with the full support of my party. If the Chancellery is not satisfied with the Interior Minister’s work, then the coalition should end,” he added.

He noted that it would be the first time “looking after and taking care of the security and order of the country is the reason giving for firing a minister.”