German Interior Minister 'fully in tune' with Italy's Salvini on migration

Germany’s Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, has invited Matteo Salvini to Berlin in order to hammer out a common proposal for sorting our Europe’s border crisis.

The Italian Interior Ministry said in a statement that the pair had spoken on the phone and were in “full harmony” on migration and security policies.

Seehofer was due to announce the new 63-point master plan today, however German media report is has been kicked into the long grass after a disagreement between the Minister and Angela Merkel.

Bild reports that Merkel disagreed with sending migrants back to the border if they had already been registered somewhere on the  asylum database, or been previously deported.

Seehofer wanted to reject such people at the border. ‘Mamma Merkel, didn’t.

It is reported that Seehofer told her that he won’t make any “lazy comprimises”.

European politics is changing quickly. Salvini and Co used to be the insurgents – now the German establishment and others are coming round to the diea of a far tougher approach on border controls.