German government 'told by Blair to expect second referendum'

It has been claimed that the German government have been spoon-fed rubbish by anti-Brexit former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has been briefing about a second referendum.

Yesterday on BBC’s Newsnight, Nick Watt explained the German position: “They think there are the signs of change in Berlin, because over there they’ve been listening to Tony Blair who’s been telling them ‘there will be a second referendum’.

“That is now much less likely, so they are now beginning to contemplate No Deal.”

He went on to say that Angela Merkel is clearly “absolutely decisive” when it comes to the EU side of negotiations but that when it comes to advice “they’ve basically been listening to Tony Blair and there’s a question mark about how credible he is”.

Most Brits would agree. The Birmingham Post’s Jonathan Walker responded by tweeting: “Fascinating and kind of scary from Nick Watt on Newsnight who says Berlin, and therefore Brussels, have based their Brexit negotiating strategy on the assumption we’ll have a second referendum, because that’s what Tony Blair told them.”

It has previously been reported that Blair has been telling EU leaders that another referendum is on the way. What a disgraceful way to behave from a former PM who is already totally discredited.

Shameful that British politicians have been briefing against Brexit behind the scenes.