German government confirm Brits can stay after No Deal Brexit

Germany has become the latest country to confirm that Brits will be able to stay even in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

Logic says this was never really in question given those who came from the EU are being allowed to stay in the UK, but it demonstrates how life will go on just fine if we do the UK leaves the European Union without a deal.

An Interior Ministry Spokesman for the German government confirmed that Brits will retain residency rights for three months after No Deal, with possible extensions, and during that time can apply for a formal right to remain.

Meanwhile Reuters also report on a Transport Spokesman revealing that Germany is in ‘close contact’ with the UK over air transport links in the event of No Deal to avoid any disruption. Planes will go on flying!

This all follows on from the Italian government also saying that Brits will be able to remain in the country after No Deal, whilst Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez said of Brits in Spain: “Their rights will be preserved whatever the scenario.”


It really is time for the anti-Brexit scaremongers to give it a rest.