German EU Presidential contender: Second referendum 'would be logical'

The astonishing arrogance of the EU establishment was once again on show in a recent interview with senior German MEP Manfred Weber, who has described the UK holding a second Brexit referendum as “logical”. What a huge insult to 17.4 million Brits who voted Leave.

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Speaking to German regional paper Augsburger Allgemeine, Weber claimed that: “A second referendum would be the logical step.”

Though he added: “But the decision can only be made by the British themselves.” Very generous of him!

Bare in mind that Weber isn’t just any ordinary MEP but leads the European People’s Party group in the EU Parliament and is their nominee to be the next EU Commission President.

Looking ahead to the European Elections, Weber described 2019 as a “historic election year” though is clearly worried about British involvement.

“I can not explain to anyone how it can be that a country leaving the EU will have a significant impact on the European Elections,” he said.

With his absurd attitude on a second referendum, perhaps the impact of Brexiteer MEPs in the next European Parliament will be even greater than he currently anticipates.

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