Galloway: The project is subvert Brexit democracy is succeeding

The Observer has splashed on Farage’s claim that our historic Brexit vote may be reversed. In other news bears have been found to defecate in the woods and Pope Francis has been revealed to be a Roman Catholic.

That the media in general pretend that Farage’s comments are “news” is still further confirmation of its veracity. The expensive counter-revolution involves the biggest cheeses in Britain with the deepest pockets, in the City, in the CBI, in Whitehall, Westminster, Fleet St and the BBC, the deepest bowels of Britain’s deep state.

Their project, to subvert democracy in Britain, is co-ordinated by Tony Blair, the Mephistopheles who brought us the invasion of Iraq, ISIS and all. It has succeeded.

What Britain will bring back from the second stage negotiations in Brussels can only be a package so enfeebled that it will not be a Brexit at all, or a package which will not pass a “meaningful vote” in Parliament at all. The former is the most likely but the latter cannot be ruled out as I argued in columns passim here at Westmonster.

In the former we “formally” leave the EU but remain in a renamed Single Market and a renamed “Customs Union”, remain under the EU’s “Four Pillars” including “free movement” of cheap European labour in whichever numbers the 300 million EU citizens care to come. The only meaningful change in those circumstances would be that we would no longer have a seat at the EU Councils (though subject to whatever decisions they make there) nor seats in the European Parliament (which scarcely makes decisions in any case).

This outcome, as I have consistently argued, manages therefore to be WORSE than remaining in the EU and would constitute a fraud against the British people. The grievances of our people against the globalising behemoth would fester with a new and potentially dangerous virulence, and without even the pitiful safety valve of EU parliamentary elections through which to express it.

In the second, less likely outcome, the Parliament would vote down the negotiated package, we would be neither leaving nor staying, Article 50 would be suspended and either a General Election and or a new referendum would have to be held.

That is the new dichotomy, inevitable after the Supreme Court judgement, the loss of the government’s majority, the defeat in Parliament last month over the “meaningful vote” and the parcel of rogues wrapped up in the negotiating team. In those circumstances Farage is right to prepare for an unlikely new referendum and at the least our demand for one. His call for the Leave campaign to muster has been thrown again into disarray by the horror House of UKIP.

The revelation that the UKIP Leader had deserted his wife for a 25 year old  model was trouble enough. The contents of her textual underwear drawer can only be fatal to his leadership. It is possible that the return of Farage to the leadership of UKIP this week can rescue his party. But it may be that the brand is now as bankrupt as a Ratner’s cheap jewellery tray. Certainly if there is no Farage leading it, and no later than immediately, UKIP is dead. Anyone waiting for the dogs of Johnson, Gove et al to bark at the betrayal of Britain will likely be disappointed. As Billy Bunter might put it: I fear they’ve gone native old boy.