Galloway: The British establishment is trying to crush Brexit

The only period to which I can compare this is the run-up to the Iraq War in 2003. The entire establishment bent upon crushing all opposition and obtaining their objective, in this case the destruction of the Brexit project.

Britain’s elite never imagined they would be defeated in the referendum. They took a bit of time to absorb the shock. But they are on the front foot now. Britain’s Conservative Party doesn’t want Brexit and neither does its opposition. The richest and most powerful people in the land know however that they are up against two things, the clock and the necessarily inchoate unrepresented mass of the British people.

They are working on both in a truly massive operation.

First the clock has been slowed. 2019 became 2021 in the “two year” transition, which became maybe four years.

And the British people are being subjected to a tsunami of propaganda to literally terrify them into submission.

A “cliff” has been conjured up and no effort is being spared to persuade them that we are headed straight for it.

Our national capabilities are being undermined in a pincer movement between the adversary (for that is what they have made themselves) abroad and the Fifth Column within. We were nothing before and we will be nothing again if we turn our back…on Luxembourg.

The EU which is viewed as a monster by millions of people in Europe is being portrayed here as a guarantor of human rights, economic prosperity motherhood and apple-pie. This despite Greece, despite Ireland, Italy, Portugal and now, despite Catalonia.

Utterly unknown, unelected, irremovable Eurocrats are being embraced by the British elite and portrayed as if they had our best interests at heart. Otherwise sane individuals have engaged themselves in a Dutch auction as to who can give away as much of our own money to Brussels in a “divorce settlement”, and how much control over our lives and our democracy they can invite others to keep.

It is clear to me now, and clearer after I interviewed a Leave.EU spokesman on my TalkRadio show last Friday, that we stood down our forces far too early placing our trust in a government which is most ways unwilling and in other ways incapable of delivering the prize which the majority voted for in the referendum.

This can not be separated from the unprecedented collapse into irrelevance of UKIP. I don’t need to adumbrate here the year of living dangerously UKIP has undergone. I will just say this. UKIP without Farage as its leader is nothing. And with no organised force keeping the pressure on the elite there is a real and present danger that Brexit will be lost.

According to the BBC, Theresa May has now put SIXTY billion pounds on the table in “divorce” money for the EU as the price of them EVEN starting to negotiate our withdrawal. They still want more.

It was a MASSIVE strategic error to agree to this sequencing of events. As anyone who has ever negotiated anything in their lives knows, nothing should be agreed until everything is agreed. To agree to national blackmail, and on such a scale is both demeaning and counterproductive.

It is demeaning because we actually owe the EU nothing as a net contributor for many decades and shows only the weakness of our resolve, the pusillanimity of our negotiators which will clearly be exploited further.

It is counterproductive because it can only encourage the level of demands designed to induce the British people into losing faith in the decision they have made. To make the entire process more trouble than it is worth. It is in other words the reverse of the Godfather’s famous “offer (we) can’t refuse”. To deny that no-deal is better than a bad deal is an open invitation to those you are negotiating with to drive the worst deal possible and this is precisely what is happening.

Further there is a real and present danger in the almost complete failure to inspire the British people with a vision of what Britain CAN do, but only if she leaves the European Union. So far as I can see no-one, not David Davis (whom I respect) nor Liam Fox (whom I don’t) have even tried to do so.

The only cabinet member who has sporadically tried to do so is Boris Johnson and frankly that’s like Billy Bunter seeking to entice us into the Tuck Shop on the basis that it never did him any harm.

Theresa May Philip Hammond cannot do so because they don’t even believe in it. And Damien Green couldn’t sell iced lemonade in the Kalahari.

In the face of all of this it is something of a miracle that the polls show that the British people themselves remain remarkably steady. In them, at least we can continue to trust.