Galloway: May attacked Syria like a thief in the night without parliamentary consent

US officials have confirmed to journalists that we attacked Syria with a billion dollar blizzard of razor sharp shards of red-hot steel overnight Saturday because if we had waited until Monday strong and stable Mable, Theresa May, would have had to put her madcap “plan” to parliament and she could not be sure to prevail there.

Which had the unfortunate side effect of meaning we were bombing to punish a “chemical weapons attack in Douma” several hours only before the UN tasked OPCW experts investigation had even started let alone reached conclusions.

Whichever way you spin it none of that is a good look.

And when you factor-in that the reason Mable couldn’t be sure of winning a parliamentary vote was that just 22% of the British people according to YouGov (never knowingly undercounting Tory support) supported a war with Syria the look doesn’t get better.

Thus, like a thief in the night, just before the householder came home Britain stole off to war just in time.

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For what its worth I don’t believe these were Mrs May’s only or perhaps even the main reason for haste.

There are two lines of lighted gunpowder currently fizzing their way towards the British state with the capacity to blow up the whole show and that soon Jeremy Corbyn’s local election campaign may be the least of her worries.

The first is the “incontrovertible truth” of the allegations by the canny Mr Lavrov – the Doyenne of the world’s Foreign Ministers – that between 3-6 April London was pressing the UK founded and funded “White-Helmets” Oscar winning ambulance brigade of Al Qaeda to hurry up with the very provocation which was subsequently mounted in Douma. The reason for haste in this case being nothing to do with avoiding parliament and everything to do with the military collapse in East Ghouta of the Alphabet-Army of Islamist extremists. If no provocation was mounted soon there might be no war in Syria to affect the outcome of. I know what this evidence it is, and if it isn’t fabricated then it is career ending for several British officials, ministers, and the Prime Minister herself.

The second is even more explosive if only because it deals with matters rather closer to home than East Ghouta. Salisbury to be precise.

Russia commissioned the highly reputable Swiss STATE lab to test the afore-mentioned OPCW samples “taken” (in fact given to the OPCW by the British) The authenticity of the samples can therefor not be now denied. The Swiss lab findings constitute an avalanche which bury the British state narrative over the Skripals in a landslide.

According to the Swiss scientists Sergei and Yulia Skripal were not attacked by a “Novichok, a military grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia” at all but rather with a substance called BZ or to give it its Sunday name 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate.

The lab – Spiez – is answerable to the Swiss Minister of Defence.

BZ was “never produced in Russia…but was in the service in the UK, US and other NATO states” according to Mr Lavrov.

Novichoks – 5 to 8 times more toxic than VX or Sarin – kill within seconds to 10 minutes.

BZ affects its victims after 4 hours.

Alert readers will note that the Skripals were not affected “within seconds, or within minutes”.

The most alert will know that the Skripals were affected almost exactly four hours after they left their front door.

It is almost impossible to exaggerate the potential importance of the Swiss State lab’s findings.

Apart from anything else it exposes a corruption at the heart of the OPCW which was given this finding by the Swiss but which appears to have completely ignored them.

But more seriously, for us, if confirmed this deals a surely deadly blow to Theresa May and Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson. So far the Salisbury 3 – a pedigree cat and two Guinea Pigs – were the only fatal casualties of the Salisbury Poisoning Affair. There may be three more sentient victims, coming soon.

Lavrov did say that the British were “playing with fire” in picking this fight with Russia. We may be about to find out that fire doesn’t only burn Syrians.