Galloway: Lords push to undo Brexit as voted for by the British people is an act of high treason

We are a Constitutional Monarchy without a constitution, a Parliamentary Democracy with a rigged electoral system in which Parliament can be bypassed on the issue of a war on the whim of a here today gone tomorrow Prime Minister (without even a parliamentary majority to her name).

And now we have an entirely unelected chamber – with Liberal Democrat peers stuffed to the rafters – deciding to railroad us out of a real Brexit and into the Brino siding.

I told everyone here and on my TalkRadio show that Brexit in Name Only is the destination our rulers have in mind and last week in the House of Lords proved it. Moreover if they can they will send the whole caboose over the cliff, wrecking Brexit and whatever lingering faith there might be in our democratic system.

The decision – by a huge majority in the Lords with another one waiting in the Commons – to remain in a Customs Union with the EU if we leave it at all renders the referendum result null and void. It means we will be forbidden to make our own trade agreements with the world (including the Commonwealth being feted in London all week) will be forced into trade agreements we don’t want (without even a seat at the table they were negotiated at) will be forced to apply sanctions against whomsoever is the latest whipping boy chosen in the White House, the NATO HQ and the EU Commission.

Being in the Customs Union means being in economic union with the EU, and being in a Customs and economic union with the EU leaves being out of the political union with the EU looking increasingly ridiculous. Which is just what their Lordships House intends.

I have never made a priority of my belief in the essential childishness of Monarchy. It was in the end if not harmless then at least way down the civil list of grievances the British people have to contend with.

Ditto the House of Lords as long as it was an eventide home for superannuated politicians and four score or so of the putrifying corpses of the British aristocracy. But when the house began to be stuffed with the kind of spivs Joe Kagan wouldn’t have allowed into his club, cash-kings and dodgy donors who were openly purchasing their seats in parliament (for life). When the spivs began plying their sordid trades there in the Mother of Parliaments itself (and without the slightest obligation – unlike the Commons – to register how much and from whom they were earning a kings ransom – try finding out how much Derepaska is paying Peter Mandelson if you would like to know), that was the end for me.

Others may be able to stomach even that – after all we now know the elected Commons too stinks like the proverbial Augean Stable. But to have the biggest decision ever made by the British people, for which more people voted than have ever voted for anything before, undone by the sweepings, by the brothel-creepers, by the unelected irremovable hypocrites of the House of Lords is an act of high treason against the British people, up with which they will not put. This act of political arson will be seen in hindsight as having lit a fuse on a mountain of democratic gunpowder. The subsequent political explosion will make Guy Fawkes look like a mere effigy. The House of Lords, which partied long into the night at your expense last week, is fiddling while the anger of the British people slowly burns. Nursing their wrath to keep it warm…