Galloway: ISIS foreign fighters allowed to retreat could be heading here soon

The story was so damning I literally checked three times that it really was being published by the BBC. Ever faithful to the state narrative the Corporation has spent years parroting the cause of the Syrian opposition long after it became clear who the opposition actually were. Now the same BBC were actually breaking a story (itself an increasingly rare thing) of worldwide importance. And moreover one incalculably damaging to the British state of which the BBC is deeply a part. 

So desperate were the “US and UK led coalition” to conquer the “ISIS capital of Raqqa” (in fact Deir a Zour was their capital but Raqqa fitted headlines better) before the advancing Syrian Army and its Russian allies the coalition it turns out arranged a surrender by the ISIS death cult. But no ordinary surrender.

According to the BBC scoop the US and UK promised “thousands of dollars” to virtually every truck and bus owner/driver in northern Syria to extract besieged ISIS fighters and their “families” (including presumably slave-wives, Yazidi and Christian captives traded like cattle over the last six years) and take them, well wherever they wanted to go! 

Unbelievably, the ISIS terrorists were allowed not just to take their slaves with them, but their weapons with them too. According to the truck drivers quoted by the BBC they were allowed to “booby-trap” their buses and trucks and themselves. “They all wore their suicide vests…Even their wives and children wore suicide vests” the BBC reports.

Even more extraordinarily the foreign fighters were allowed to board the buses with them. That is German, French etc terrorists were allowed to strap themselves with suicide belts and be evacuated to wherever they wanted to go. Organised by the US and UK governments. And paid for by you. 

According to the BBC, thousands of terrorists, including head-choppers, heart-eaters, crucifiers, mass murderers, priest and nun killers, Church and Mosque defilers were thus set free, fully armed, to murder and maim again. Where? Well most of the foreign fighters made for the Turkish border. You will have to pay again soon. On a street near you.