Galloway: I’m not happy Trump is President, but I’m very happy Hillary Clinton isn’t

It is better when under attack to respond from the first in a principled manner. This what I advised any Labour Leader who would listen when “anti-Semitism” began to be weaponised against the Corbyn leadership. They didn’t listen well enough. 

I have even less influence with Donald Trump, or for that matter with the government of Russia. But my advice would have been the same. 

Did Russia prefer that Hillary Clinton not become President of the United States? Yes if they had any sense and for the same reasons I myself so preferred. 

Clinton was a known quantity. And what a quantity it was… 

Her record as a Senator and later as Secretary of State showed she was a clear and present danger to the peace of the world. That she and the Clinton Foundation (now defunct) had spent years in a wholly corrupt relationship with the worst people in the world. The kind of people whose mindset is to throw gays of tall buildings, subject women to remorseless misogynistic control, and crush all liberties. The kind of people who provided the likes of ISIS, Al Qaeda and the alphabet soup of fanaticism with all the money materiel and weapons they required, to press Iran in Iraq and to overthrow the secular authoritarian government in Syria. 

That she “came, saw” and laughed at the  sodomy torture and murder of the Libyan ruler Ghaddafi was well enough known. We saw her put her lips together, and guffaw. 

That she and her boss President Obama were up to their necks in the terrorist coup which overthrew the President and government of the Ukraine was equally well-known, even to Russia! 

That she, and her boss President Obama had rammed through ever more draconian sanctions against Russia, unaccountably would have encouraged Putin to prefer she didn’t have another go, this time as President, to step up the war in Syria (which is instead now coming to its end), to continue moving NATO tanks onto Russia’s lawn, and to enter into full spectrum efforts to confront Russia up to and quite possibly involving war. 

What is hard to understand about any of this? 

Is the United States justified in the anti-Russian witch-hunt led by the defeated Clinton camp ever since? Only if it has no shame. 

Would the US have preferred that Putin had lost the last Russian Presidential election? Would it prefer that he should lose the next one? Has the US ever intervened in any Russian elections? Did the US strive might and main to overthrow the former President of Ukraine? Had the US no view on the possibility of victory for the Communists in Italy? In France? Has the US ever intervened in anybody else’s elections? Have they ever overthrown other people’s governments? 

To adumbrate such questions is to answer them. Nobody reading this is in the slightest doubt as to the answer to these questions. Obama even intervened in our Brexit referendum, and in the Scottish referendum, Bill Clinton and US presidents by the dozen intervened in the north of Ireland over the best part of a century. 

So; if it clear enough that Russia would’ve preferred Clinton to lose the Presidential election what did they do, what could they do, to bring such a result about? 

Let me start with what I know. I know that the trove of deeply damaging (because of their contents) emails from the DNC (Democratic National Committee) were not hacked, by Russia, Korea, or Uncle Tom Cobley. They were not hacked they were leaked to Wikileaks. And whoever leaked them did American democracy a signal service as did WikiLeaks in publishing them. The Clinton emails, leaked from within the DNC showed not just the dysfunctionality of Clinton’s campaign but were themselves deeply compromising as to her character, and to the conduct of HER campaign chief John Podesta. It seems unlikely they were much read beyond the beltway, still less in the “rust-belt” where “NAFTA” Clinton actually lost the election though the ruthless and undemocratic treatment of Bernie Sanders revealed therein may well have kept some of Bernie’s bros and sisters at home on election day. If so, serves the “Democrats” right. Let them reflect and reflect again that if Sanders had been their candidate which but for the corruption of the process he would’ve been, Trump would have been decisively defeated.. So what did the Russians do? Bugger all or we would already know all about it. Some Russians spent less than 100,000 dollars on Facebook ads (much of it after the election mind you). And, er, that’s it. 

Did the puny Facebook ads swing them in Michigan? Pennsylvania? Wisconsin? Hardly seems likely, does it, in a 2 billion dollar election? 

Now I have no idea if Trump really did make girls wet themselves in a Moscow hotel room (though given he’s germaphobic he probably would have skeddadled as soon as the rain came on) and of course I’ve no idea what financial skulduggery he or his fellows may have been involved in with Russians or anyone else. All I will say is he’d have to try really hard to be more corrupt than the Clintons. 

For the avoidance of doubt I consider Donald Trump to be a misogynistic blundering functionally illiterate semi-imbecile. 

So you’ll understand how strongly I feel about Hillary Clinton when I say, as I’ve said in public, for well over a year: I’m not happy that Donald Trump is the President of the United States, but I’m very happy Hillary Clinton isn’t.