Galloway: George Soros' meddling is a transparent foreign attack on Brexit

George Soros is not despised by all right-thinking people because of his origins or his faith (except by the legion of far-right anti-Semites in the east and central zones of the European Union).

Or even because he has bled billions out of other peoples’ economic woes as a “Gnome of Zurich”. There are plenty of such people, indeed they love the EU so much precisely because it has allowed him and them to flourish mightily.

Soros’s unwillingness to sit counting his money in favour of using it to interfere in other countries political affairs is what is unacceptable. But you know what, my ire about the £700,000 he has put into the wreck Brexit campaign is as nothing compared to my contempt for his enablers in Britain.

The hypocrites who have raised hell over “Russian interference” in Brexit but trigger the foul charge of anti-Semitism when American-Hungarian interference in Brexit is brazenly declared.

The liars who stand up in parliament and have a “Kremlin-diplomat” removed from the public gallery only to find the poor man was American not Russian and not a diplomat but a tourist.

The “liberals” inside and outside of the Labour Party who have caused ruction after ruction with Facebook, with Twitter, with YouTube and Google, demanding (and getting) enquiry after enquiry with laughable results.

“Russians” (not the Kremlin mind) just “Russians” were revealed to have spent 72p on Brexit campaign ads on Facebook. Soros’s largess was revealed on the very day that YouTube announced after a thorough enquiry that there was “no evidence” of “Russian interference” on their platform during the Brexit campaign.

Twitter announced that some 900 tweets from “Russian accounts” were identified during the Brexit campaign, that’s 0.0005 of all Brexit tweets. Apparently that was all that was required for the Manchurian citizens of Sunderland to South Wales to troop like Pavlov’s dogs to the referendum polls to vote Leave.

The absolute absurdity of this whole red-scare obscures the fact that “Russians” have the same right to buy Facebook ads or issue tweets as anybody else.

There was plenty of “foreign interference” in the run-up to the Brexit vote.

The darling of all “liberals”, President Obama, literally came here and WARNED the British people to vote Remain. THREATENED us that we would be at the back of the queue for trade with the US if we did not do as he told us. The ever-reliable Bill Clinton promised us a cigar if we’d only see sense.

JP Morgan, the piratical US bank, donated £500,000 to the Remain campaign. The disgraced US bankers Goldman Sachs gave the same amount.

What is different about the Soros money is not just the quantum – the largest foreign donation by far and if I’m any judge a fraction of what he will spend in the next weeks and months – but that this is not an attempt to sway the vote before it is cast. This is a transparent foreign attack on a decision we have ALREADY TAKEN. That’s subversion in any democracy.

Imagine if Jeremy Corbyn to win the largest number of seats at the next election only for foreign billionaires to pour unlimited money into STOPPING him becoming Prime Minister (Soros’s Open Society Foundation enjoys almost $20 BILLION of his fortune). This would be called, and would be, a coup against democracy in Britain, and many of those leaping to Soros’s defence now would be the first (though perhaps not) to cry foul.

Soros has a right to spend money seeking to bring down dictatorships, if I had money I’d be doing the same. But Britain is a mature democratic country with its own political system. Our parliament had every right to grant us a referendum of EU membership and promise to abide by the result.

Our people had every right to vote to leave the EU and to see that vote respected. We will not tolerate a coup in this country, least of all a foreign-financed Coup. That is why everyone, whatever their view on Brexit (hat-tip to Gina Miller who has denounced the Soros intervention) must demand the return of Mr Soros’s donations.

For those who say that £700,000 won’t sift the dial on Britain’s future I say this:

How much more has there been, will there be? And what price do we put on our national dignity? Are we to be bought and sold by Soros gold like some ramshackle ex-Communist satrapy?

And lastly: for the first time since the referendum I have personally been under 24 hour a day incessant Twitter attack by accounts (robots or no, how could one tell?). Starting this week I have had to mute hundreds of EU-fanatic propaganda accounts all attacking with the same message. That we are not fit to be an independent country. Its time we showed them that we are, and we will be again.