Galloway: Blairite assault on Brexit is now in full flow

A man who should by many people’s estimation be behind bars or at least sunk in such shame and disgrace that he has retired to his country house to count his money has moved mountains in the Brexit era as I predicted that he would try to do, here, on radio and TV.

All dressed up and nowhere else to go after Chilcot, buoyed by millions ‘earned’ in just 8 years, Tony Blair who had pretentions of ‘stopping the traffic’ in the words of his amanuensis David Miliband as President of the European Commission knew that a potential coalition of Big Finance, Big Industry, Big Media, Big Civil Service and what passes for big in today’s Houses of Parliament could still frustrate the will of the British people  expressed in the referendum. After all he had done it before, in the run-up to war with Iraq. And why should a million dead Iraqis and fanatic extremism cascading around the world disqualify a man from being of further service to his people?

No-one else from his era in the Labour Party leadership had emerged with anything like his wizardry – Miliband, Cooper, Umunna, Benn, et al had all broken from the pack only to flounder at the first fence, not even triers.

The Tory Remainers were as wet as a blanket left out in the rain, the Liberal Democrats up in a puff of ecclesiastical smoke under the little ginger-man who’s name I’ve already forgotten and now shrouded in the incense of a funeral parlour under the aged Vince Cable.

The field was clear.

Blair gathered the money, concentrated on consolidating Labour into an increasingly untenable anti-Brexit trap, then went to work on the wet blankets, starting with the defenestrated Tory Ministers, the 100 Liberal Democrat Peers in the Lords (I’m not making that up – a party of a paltry dozen MPs has nearly ten times as many Lords), and getting his media ducks in a row. So far, he’s on an unbeaten run. Defeats in the Courts, in the negotiating process, on the floor of the House have all left the Brexit decision hanging in rags on the fence waiting for the coup de grace.

Its not yet clear what form the fatal shot will come in, it just might be a second referendum. Although Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has persistently ruled that out the Blairites are not taking NO for an answer. Next to the constant assault on Corbyn from his own ranks from the likes of Jess Phillips et al on ‘gender issues’ the main aggro undermining Corbyn now and increasingly is to capitulate over Brexit. No-one should bet on them failing.