Galloway: Arm more police, increase size of MI5 to combat jihadi threat

George Galloway has called for more police officers to be armed and for many more MI5 agents to be recruited to combat the growing jihadi threat facing Britain.

Speaking to Westmonster, Galloway said of jihadis that “you have to shoot them dead wherever they emerge” and that it was “ridiculous” that officers weren’t armed even outside Buckingham Palace during a recent incident involving a man armed with a sword. “I would arm the police in all areas that are potential terror threats,” Galloway said.

He also has called for an increase in the funding and size of Britain’s intelligence agencies, saying: “We aren’t spending enough on intelligence…we need five, ten times more MI5 people,” including patriotic British Muslims. He added that the authorities needed to be more effective at acting on intelligence that they do receive.

Full interview to follow on the Westmonster YouTube channel.