Future for Jews across Europe is 'hopeless', warns French Deputy Mayor

The future for Jews across Europe is ‘hopeless’ and they should stop wearing the kippah because of rampant anti-Semitism, warns the Deputy Mayor of Toulouse.

Aviv Zonabend was asked about Jews being advised not to wear the kippah in Germany, he said: “Only in Germany? I think we need to remove the kippahs in all of Europe.”

“My son wears a kippah, but I prefer that he wear a hat on top.”

He added: “Anti-Semitism in Europe, in France, in Toulouse is no longer just by the far-right, but from political Islam. The future of the Jewish people in Europe is hopeless.”

He described the alleged push to stop Jews displaying their faith as ‘quiet ethnic purging’.

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This has worrying echoes of history’s darkest days. No religious group should ever have to hide their faith in public for fear of being attacked. If action isn’t taking then Europe could sleepwalk back into dark days of Jewish people being persecuted.