Full exit from Customs Union most popular choice, public oppose extending transition

In a wake-up call for the government, new ICM polling for The Guardian has shown that leaving the Custom Union lock, stock and barrel is the most popular choice, and the public do not want to see the transition period extended.

35% of the public agree with the statement that: “It is very important to leave the Customs Union properly, so the UK can strike its own trade deals.”

By comparison, only 24% want to stay in the Customs Union. A further 26% want a compromise, but it means the most popular approach is for a full Brexit.

When it comes to the transition period set to last until 2021, 43% opposed to extending the period, with 38% in favour.

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It just shows once again how mainstream public opinion backs full independence without delay. Time for the government to hurry up. Less talk, more action.