French Islamists moving to Birmingham

An influential French magazine, L’Obs, has written a feature on why more and more French Salafists are moving to Birmingham, and it is a worrying read.

Salafists practice an ultra-conservative version of Islam which has been described as “the fastest-growing Islamic movement in Europe” and are huge supporters of sharia law.

Westmonster has previously reported on the growing problem of Salafism in Europe, even the Mayor of Brussels admitted that all of their mosques were being controlled by radical Islamists. The German Vice-Chancellor has gone further and called for a complete ban on Salafism.

The magazine speaks of an area of Birmingham called Small Heath, which locals dub “Peshawar” (the capital of Pakistan) due to the fact it’s 95% Muslim so they can live largely segregated from the rest of the city, completely undisturbed. The article claims that Salafist men bring their wives here so that they can wear the veil, something which has been banned in France since 2010.

L’Obs profiles Karim, a Salafi Muslim who came to Britain a year ago with his wife, who now wears the burka, and his four children. He recently spoke at his daughter’s school on his decision to bring his family here, saying: “I came for freedom. The children did not know that girls were not allowed to wear the veil at school (in France), that there were no halal dishes in the canteen. They were shocked.”

Yes, apparently kids were shocked that some schools in Western Europe don’t want to see young girls covered up and segregated.

Not to worry though, according to one Muslim living in Small Heath who was interviewed for the article: “Even public schools encourage the rigorous practice of Islam.

“Teachers reprimand girls who forget to put on their headscarves.”

Welcome to modern Britain, a dumping ground for radical Islamists, where segregation is overlooked and teachers reprimand girls who don’t wear a headscarf…