Macron 'plans to expand his movement across Europe'

French President Emmanuel Macron is looking to expand the movement that brought him to power as his team set their sights on the European Elections next year.

The ardent Europhile has been planting seeds of a post-party political system within the EU, previously saying he would like to see transnational lists of MEPs to take up the 73 MEP seats Britain will leave behind when we finally quit the bloc.

Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade, the young politician who heads up the President’s European Task Force, said: “We founded En Marche! in France, and we are now going to found it in Europe. We will be the new force in Europe.”

Anglade explained in an interview recently: “Political groups are divided over what they want for, and from, Europe…Our ambition is to set foot in several countries and create a European-level ambition for a reforming agenda.”

The European Parliament had previously rejected this idea, but that hasn’t deterred Team Macron, with Anglade unrepentantly telling France Info: “We believe today that European democracy is reduced to 27 national debates and we believe that European democracy must be transnational…We will continue to carry the idea because we think it is the right answer to the exceptional circumstances that Europe is living.”

As the mainstream left crumbles across European politics, pundits claim that Macron will start his own group in the European Parliament and invite other pro-EU parties to join that instead of the establishment Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) group headed by Guy Verhofstadt.

He is likely to face huge opposition in Brussels, even if any of his candidates do make it into the European Parliament, as the movement elsewhere in Europe has been towards more conservative Eurosceptic parties.

Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been set to announce their joint EU reform proposals this month, however, Der Spiegel reports that a source familiar with the details said “it’s been cancelled,” following Merkel’s disastrous election performance last year and subsequent turmoil trying to form a coalition.

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A Macron-led party dominating European politics? It’s the EU establishment’s wet dream.