French police detain Islamist knife attacker's friend amid fears of a terror network

French police have detained a friend of the Islamist terrorist who knifed a man to death in Paris amid fears of a Chechen jihadi network operating in the country.

Abdoul Hakim Anaiev is allegedly friends with Khamzat Azimov, 20, who was shot dead by police after stabbing a man to death and injuring 4 other people on Saturday.

Police are probing whether or not the two Chechens are part of a terror cell – a source close to the inquiry told AFP that he had been under surveillance since marrying Ines Hamza, a woman from the Paris region who tried to leave for Syria in January 2017.

Cops found 6 mobile phones when they raided his house, according to local media.

The actual attacker was on a terror watch list as well.

Why are people on terror watch lists allowed to roam the streets? How many more people have to die because governments take a soft approach to tackling terror? Time to get a grip and get tough.