French MPs vote for compulsory EU flag in all classrooms

Politicians in the French National Assembly have just voted through measures for the French flag and anthem to be displayed in classrooms – but the EU flag must go up as well.

They voted through an amendment meaning that France’s national flag and words from the national anthem has to be put up, but the European Union will now have a presence in all classrooms as well.

The measures will apply to primary and secondary school classes, in both public and private education facilities.

Originally, the proposal was only for the French flag to go up, but this was changed.

It comes after the latest poll showed that French support for leaving the EU is at record levels. 40% now back Frexit, remarkable given few politicians openly make the argument for it.

One who does is the pro-Frexit MEP Florian Philippot, who responded to the news by saying: “The French flag yes. The European thing surely not!

“I recall that he was in the European Constitutional Treaty rejected by the French by referendum. Our country is France, not their EU!”

His pro-Frexit colleague Joffrey Bollee voiced strong opposition as well: “The European flag has no place in our classrooms! What a shame to impose this ideological symbol on our children!”

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