French business and Normandy President warn Macron: No Deal Brexit 'major threat'

Business and political leaders in Normandy have warned French President Emmanuel Macron that a No Deal Brexit would represent a “major threat” to the country and they would need big subsidies to help them deal with the fallout.

A letter signed by the President of Normandy, Hervé Morin, is intended to put pressure on Macron who has taken a hardline stance on Brexit.

“Financiers tend to see it as an opportunity for economic expansion, a view shared by much of Mr. Macron’s administration, while a range of other sectors, from wine exporters to ferry lines, see it as a danger.

“France has started to dream. It is dreaming of Brexit as though it were an opportunity, notably for the financial sector in Paris.

“But for the regions next to the channel, and notably here in Normandy, the diagnosis is very different.

“A Brexit without an agreement…represents for our economy, and especially for the economy of our ports, a major threat.”

As Brexiteers have always said, sensible European leaders should want a fantastic deal with the UK. If they fail to do so in an attempt to punish Brexit Britain, they’ll be hurting their own economies.

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Macron currently has a 71% disapproval rating. Is he really willing to sink his presidency even further?