Francois: Wouldn't vote for May's deal even if whips put shotgun in my mouth

Staunch Brexiteer MP Mark Francois won’t be one of those who u-turns to back Theresa May’s deal, insisting that he wouldn’t vote for the bad EU deal even if a shotgun was put in his mouth.

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Francois told the BBC this morning: “I will vote against it because unfortunately it means we don’t leave the European Union, it leaves us hanging half-in, half-out. That has always been the case.

“Not one punctuation mark in the treaty, and it is a treaty has changed. Nothing has changed, to use the phrase of the moment.

“And so be consistent, I’ve always been against it, I’m still against it, I told my whip the other day I wouldn’t vote for it if they put a shotgun in my mouth and other than that I have no particular view.”

With the DUP also holding firm, the May’s deal still looks dead.